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Luke’s Locker

Luke’s Locker is a Texas-based family business owned by the Lucas family: Don, Sharon, Matt, Andy and Mike Lucas.  The family oversees the operations of the company today.

Luke's Locker HistoryLuke’s Locker formed more than 35 years ago. It began out of need and entrepreneurial vision. When Don Lucas was working in Dallas during the late sixties, he was a member of a small but dedicated group of friends who ran together. They mostly ran during lunch on the weekdays and at White Rock Lake and the surrounding communities on the weekends.

Occasionally, one of the members of the group would host a run at their house on the weekend (the birth of the organized, charitable run we all know today). Don and his group were on the front edge of the initial running boom. They were inspired by the likes of Frank Shorter, Steve Prefontaine, and Bill Rodgers. Their desire to run was not widely shared in the community; they were considered somewhat strange by their peers because they ran. More, people did not relate to the benefits they grasped from running– the great improvement in quality of life that running and exercise enabled. This was the start of the first running boom.

Website: www.lukeslocker.com


FuelBelt, Inc. is the world leader in hydration belts and accessories. Founded in 1997 by 7-time Ironman World Championship participant, Vinu Malik, FuelBelt continues to evolve to serve the needs of endurance athletes to provide real performance inspired gear.

FuelBelts have been used to break world records, set personal bests, and have even been used at the Olympic world stage, where every effort and every second counts.
With more than 100 products available, FuelBelt offers the most innovative and broadest collection of technical gear for runners, cyclists and triathletes in the world.

FuelBelt is the hydration brand of choice for USA FIT.

Website: http://www.fuelbelt.com
Email: info@fuelbelt.com